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Apps built ontop of language and localization algorithms

Beetle: Beetle lets you search for references to innovations at two time scales: the slowly changing patents in United States Patent Office (USPTO) and mentions of the topic/s in social media, in real-time. The free and open service indexes patents from 2005-Present and only 10 social media updates.

Ladybird: Imagine you are an enterprise and must decide whether a document generated by your employees is safe to be stored in the cloud. Ladybird lets you specify a bag of (un)safe words ("magnet" words). It then analyses and scores any cloud bound document, letting you decide whether to upload or not.

Firefly: Who is talking about topics similar to your interest on Twitter? Firefly lets you deep search Tweets for not only the keyword but concepts close by. A search engine should be smart enough to query semantically close concepts to your query so that you don't have to.

Beehive: Finding apps on IOS or Android app stores is becoming more and more difficult? Share your interest with Beehive and it will deep search the app stores for you, revealing apps that match your interest, not just by keyword but the content of your interest.

GlobeSkimmer: How old are residents of where you live or work? What is their average household income? Are there more women or men? Where are most similar people? Click a location on the map and Globeskimmer will answer these questions for you.

Services also available via APIS